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Minimalist Home Office Setup: Reviewing David Zhang’s 10 Essentials

Welcome to Dream Setups, reviewing the best home office and gaming setups to inspire you to elevate your home office design.

Today we’re reviewing David Zhang’s white-themed minimalist home office setup. We’ll take you step-by-step through each part of his office and let you know 10 essentials that are great and what you can substitute out if you have different ideas or would like to personalize the style to match your own sleek home office décor.

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1. Desk – Jarvis Standing Desk & Custom Wood Countertop

The foundation of everything that’s great in your home office. Here we’re looking at a mash up between one of the best sit stand desks – The Jarvis Standing Desk – and a custom wood countertop with an unfinished live edge to really add to the office design style. The custom wood countertop is a huge 72×25.5×1.5inch piece that’s rock solid; not a trivial specification when you’re rocking a 49inch monitor on a fully articulating arm.

The other benefit of the solid wood desk top is it allows the width to be adjusted to perfectly fit the office space. It’s Not the cheapest option with separate purchases needed for both, but you get a totally personalised piece that’ll outlast the gear it’s holding.

He’s also incorporated a wire cable tray underneath (next photo) that wraps up the cable management in one neat channel. Nice.

2. Office Chair – IKEA Gunnared beige/white HATTEFJÄLL

IKEA are masters of minimalism and have refined their styling over the last 50 years to make the Swedish styling icon a household name. With this level of pedigree it’s no surprise they provide some amazing minimal office chars to that look good and are ergonomically friendly as well. Here we can see a Gunnared grey/white HATTEFJÄLL office chair which perfectly complements the minimalist home office design on display.

Although the choice of construction materials aren’t as premium as offerings from Herman Miller and the like, made instead from layer-glued wood veneer and Acrylic paint, you can’t argue with the accessibility offered by IKEA.

With options also available in light brown-pink/white and medium-gray/white you’ve got plenty of options to match your own minimalist home office setup.

3. Keyboard – JETech Ultra-Slim 2.4G wireless

For the keyboard, we can see a white JETech Ultra-Slim 2.4G wireless. It’s no secret we love small form factor keyboards here at Good Gaming Gear, but the JETech is really compromising on a key interface component with some serious deficiencies. Flimsy construction, membrane interface, AA battery and wobbly keys; Pass. To keep the same minimalist home office aesthetic and drastically improve the typing and gaming experience of this setup we’d opt for our favorite wireless 60% mechanical keyboard, the Anne Pro 2.

The Anne Pro 2 keeps the same brilliant white minimal office aesthetic, upgrades the build quality, contains your choice of Gateron or Kaihl Brown/White/Red switches and comes with an internal 1900mAh Battery.

The Anne Pro also adds easy tap arrow keys which gives you best part of a 65% mechanical keyboard while keeping the smaller footprint. Did we mention the per-key RGB and durable PBT Keycaps too? This is a no contest whitewash win for the Anne Pro 2.

Link directly to the White Anne Pro 2 below.

4. Mouse – Logitech G305 lightspeed

The Logitech G305 shown here is one of the most efficient wireless mice Logitech offer. It didn’t make our list of the best or lightest gaming mouse due the AA battery that needs to be replaced every 250 hours, but it’s an impressive piece of kit. Since Logitech don’t offer our preferred gaming mouse, the Logitech G-Pro, in a white variant we can’t fault the choice here.

The decision to go with a wireless mouse is essential to maintaining a clean desk setup and the G305’s lightspeed wireless is orders of magnitude better than a standard Bluetooth offering.

Although this means you’ll need to use the included USB nano receiver to use the mouse, your home office desk cable management will be that much easier with one less cable to worry about.

5. Mouse Mat – Richer-R Felt Mouse Pad

Finding a clean mousepad design can be surprisingly difficult. Though the benefits of a mousepad have been arguably diminished from their original essential origins, there’s still a huge functional advantage a quality mouse mat provides by giving you a smooth movement surface.

Here we’re looking at an oversized Richer-R Felt Mouse Pad. Coming in at 68x33cm and able to comfortably fit a SFF keyboard and keep plenty of room to move, this mousepad perfectly frames the minimalist home office setup. We do have some concerns about the all-felt construction that has the potential to slip over your desk though, there’s also been a few complaints about shipping damage. For an alternative that keeps the sleek style but with a little more attention to detail, check out the Razer Pro Glide mouse mat which includes an anti-slip rubber base.

6. Monitor – Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW

At the centerpiece of this stunning setup sits a monstrous curved Dell Ultrasharp U4919DW. With a 49-inch dual QHD resolution packaged in a sleek curve, this is a productivity beast. For seamless multitasking and an immersive work experience, this is perfect.

Keep in mind the Dell Ultrasharp isn’t intended for hardcore gaming, its 5120×1440 native resolution is limited to just 60Hz, and the 32:9 aspect ratio probably won’t play nice with every title in your library!

Let’s spend a moment to talk about that light geometric background too, notice the clean desktop with no icons? Really nice way to compliment the minimalist physical desktop!

7. Monitor Arm – Ergotron HX Desk Monitor Arm

The 25-inch extension on the Ergotron monitor arm allows for the offset cantilevered look of this behemoth 49inch monitor. The Ergotron is capable of supporting any monitor that has a VESA mount which is great for future any future upgrades, you also get cable management internal to the articulating arm and the ability to position and rotate the screen in any direction your heart desires.

With dual desk-mounting methods that allow you to anchor the monitor arm behind the desk, or through an existing cable port hole, the Ergotron caters for all scenarios.

8. Speakers – KEF Q150 Bookshelf Speakers

KEF speakers stand out in the world of enthusiast speakers. A British company that’s been producing quality since the 60s, they produce some of the most popular equipment in the market. The KEF Q150 bookshelf speakers shown here bring that incredible soundstage to a minimalist home office décor that frames the whole setup. As for quality, the Q150 in-depth review at Digital Trends called it as:

The Q150 offer a sultry sonic flavor that’s instantly enticing.

Can’t argue with that. If you can handle the big footprint, they’re a brilliant feat of engineering and some of the best speakers available at this price point.

9. Computer Case – NZXT H510

Sitting next to the desk we have an NZXT H510 hooked up to the cable management pathway with a white aesthetic and tempered glass side panel fits right into the minimalist home office design theme.

Though we can’t help but feel one of our mini itx cases would have been even more at home here.

In our review of the best SFF gaming case, the NZXT H1 shows how you could still achieve that clean matte white finish whist keeping all the components needed for a powerful PC.

As an added bonus, the reduced weight of the NZXT H1 could allow the PC to attach to the underside of the custom wood benchtop, minimizing the cable management burden even further!

10. Laptop Stand – Satechi Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand

The Satechi Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand does a great job matching the brushed aluminum styling synonymous with Apple products to the stand design. With a raised vertical profile and adjustable width to cater for multiple products. Most reviewers praise the durable anodized aluminum build quality of this laptop holder with special emphasis on the considered airflow and cooling that the raised profile provides.

Available in Jet Black, Space Grey and Silver, there’s options that promise to elegantly match your minimal home office style and is a solid choice for anyone that needs to travel with their work and cares about space when they’re back at home.

What’s your Minimalist Home Office Setup??

Got an incredible home office setup you’d like us to check out? Sound off below, we’d love to hear from you!